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b-creative is one of only a select group of companies across Canada that provides professional executive director services. b-creative adheres to  the policies and principles of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) certification and the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE).

As such, the associations being provided executive director services by b-creative can tell their boards and key stakeholders that the association is being run in a competent manner in full compliance with association objectives and regulatory requirements. Whether your board is volunteer, active or direction-setting, we’ll tailor our services based on your requirements.
We provide:

In addition to professional executive management, b-creative also offers a wide range of internal and external services and products. As a full-featured communications, marketing, membership management and production team, we can commit resources to your organization as required. This not only adds breadth and depth to your association, it means you can now afford to add services, management or programs to your organization on an as-required basis.

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