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For busy organizations which are required to deliver information, magazines, e-products, calendars, yearbooks or other deliverables, b-creative can work with suppliers to manage product fulfillment. If your organization delivers a product that requires payments or is part of the membership contract, we can ensure delivery and also provide reports on fulfillment as part of your governance or reporting procedures.

By outsourcing order fulfillment your organization can deliver information or products in a timely efficient manner. Since all of our services are professionally managed, we’ll ensure that quality control, deadlines and delivery schedules are realistic and achievable. Trust us for:

b-creative views product delivery and fulfillment in terms of a customers (or member’s) wants and needs. In fact, studies have shown that “wanting” and “needs” are emotional states. So product fulfillment services are not just an emotionless cog in an organization. Any time that your association or organization has a deliverable, it is a large reflection on the perception of the operation. Was it on time? Was the product up to par? Did we satisfy the client’s emotional state? All of these are important questions and attention to details is paramount in delivering not only goods, but your company or association image.

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